Home and School Connection

Our school has an active Home and School partnership. It is designed to provide the parents with information regarding the educational programs at our school and the workings of the School District. The meetings also provide the administration with the opportunity to obtain parental input and guidance on issues affecting the students at the school.

Please contact the main office for additional information regarding membership and meeting schedules.

Parent/Guardian Visitor Expectations
Parents/guardians are encouraged to be active participants in their student’s education. Visits to
schools should be scheduled in advance whenever possible. School administrators cannot
guarantee a meeting at the time of an unscheduled visit. In the event that school administrators
are not able to meet with a visiting parent/guardian during an unscheduled visit, they will reach
out within 2 school days to schedule a meeting.
To ensure that all of our buildings are safe and successful learning environments, all visitors,
whether they have scheduled a visit or not, must first report to the main office to sign in, state
the reason for their visit and receive authorization from a school administrator to proceed with
the visit.
When visiting school property, parent/guardians are expected to:
● Support the policies of The School District of Philadelphia, Code of Conduct and school
● Respect the rights of others, including students and staff.
● Model appropriate behavior for your student.
● Respect all members of the school community and comply with school norms.
● Refrain from all abusive and profane language.
● Refrain from all physical confrontation and refrain from encouraging and/or inciting
physical confrontation.
● Refrain from bringing weapons of any kind onto school property. Bringing weapons of
any kind onto school property will result in an immediate exclusion.

Parent/Guardian Exclusion Letter Process
Parents/guardians who do not follow the expectations outlined above may be excluded from the
school for a minimum of 3 months. Exclusions must be in writing and must be approved by the
Assistant Superintendent.

Graduation and Promotion Requirements

The School District of Philadelphia has requirements a student must meet in order to graduate or be promoted to the next grade level.

Important Contact Numbers

COVID-19 Information
Parent Help Line: 215-400-4000 If you have questions about anything that affects your child.
Bully Hotline: (215)-400 SAFE
Citizens Crime Commission Tip-line: Toll free (877)-345-TIPSTo report crime in our schools or in our communities
Join Home and School Council:(215)-400-6123
Right to Education Task Force:(215)-400-5151

Title l Parent Advisory Committee: (215)-400-4040 Forms

Immunization Requirements

Permission Slip Form

Absence Excuse Notes

Student Media Release Form

Franklin wins for Most Improved school.

Franklin Elementary has many interesting activities for all of our students.

Extracurricular Activities Include:

Music Instuction-Grades 3-8
String Instrument
Wind Instruments
School Shows
Baseball Grades  6-8
Basketball Grades 7 & 8
Soccer Grades 7 & 8
Track Team Grades 6-8
Volleyball – Grades 6-8
Yearbook Committee Grade 8
Peer Mediation 6-8


Parent Documents

Right To Know

Right To Know (Spanish)

Parent Engagement Policy

Parent Compact

Parent Survey Results


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