About Us

Our Vision
Benjamin Franklin Academic Plus Elementary School has the vision of all students succeeding and learning at high levels, which is evident through rigorous teaching, high level of academic achievement and parental involvement. With these shared values, our core beliefs include eliminating the achievement gap and maintaining a high level of school performance. To sustain our academic success, we will continue to implement the Core Curriculum and provide additional opportunities for students to learn, parents to become more involved with academic progress and staff members to receive professional development within our school community.

Principal – Roslynn Sample-Green
Assistant Principal – Wanda Sago
School Based Teacher Leader –  Aaliyah Thomas (5-8)
School Based Teacher Leader – Natalia Mykytiuch (K-4)

Office Staff:
Christina Perez
Phyllis Smith

School Staff:

Iris Figueroa
Amanda Smith
James Waltz

First Grade:
Nicole Hockaday
Meg Kauffman
Dawna Mack
Justine Pena

Second Grade:

Elisa Brown
Elena D’Agostino
Michael Kudosh
Tessa McAndrew
Austin Morris

Third Grade:
Alisa Galimore
Christy Harman
Robin Matez
Stefanie Taggart

4th Grade:
Dana Lytle
Sharon Montgomery
Helena Rainville
Karen Sokorai

5th Grade:
Kim Andrews
Doniele Archer
Erika Corbin
Erika Murchinson

6th Grade:
Amy Gurwood
Nakisa Lang
Tahira Jackson
Hy Rosenbaum

7th Grade:
Dillon Cassidy
Kevin Dabney
Monica Vernacchio

8th Grade:
Christian Agudelo
Daniel Choi
Michael Roe
Kayla Williams

Support Staff:
Brian Bernardini – Music
Janine Huczko –  Science
Claire Kobierowski – Gym/Health
Nicole Kulick – Gym/Health
Rochelle McKelvey – Science
Eric Mitchell – Computer Science

Special Education Teachers:
Shaheer Brown
Raymond Elliot
Danielle Darby
Beverly Pascal
Jackie Yeo

ESOL Teachers:
Lisa Courtney
Elisabeta Dumea
Martina Mapp
Ines Nelson

School Counselors:
Jessica Henson
Tamiko Stanley

Dean’s of Students:
William Tonkin

School Nurse:
Rachel Boss

School Police Office:
Rodney Hassan

Speech Therapist:
Ali Gnewek

School Psychologist:
Jane Avery

 Climate Manager:
Carenda Brown