Google Virtual Classroom Links

The listed below are the Google links for each teacher during virtual learning.  Students are to access the Google meet link with their Chromebook or another device.  If students are not able to join the link families can communicate with the Homeroom teacher to provide a learning packet and/or assignment.

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Internet Access Options for Families

Our Mission

The Benjamin Franklin Elementary School recognizes the right of every child to reach his or her potential. We believe that each child has the ability to learn and succeed. We intend to create and maintain a school climate where teaching and learning are priorities. We commit ourselves to providing educational, social, psychological and medical support to meet the needs of each child. We commit ourselves to: take every child from where he/she is now and to move him/her forward and create a stimulating environment where all members of the school family will learn, continue to grow and to strive for excellence. These commitments are the cooperative responsibility of administration, faculty, family, the community and students. It is our goal the graduates of Ben Franklin Elementary School are prepared with the academic, technological, and social skills necessary to achieve success in high school and are prepared to meet the demands of the 21st century.

Parent/Guardian Visitor Expectations
Parents/guardians are encouraged to be active participants in their student’s education. Visits to
schools should be scheduled in advance whenever possible. School administrators cannot
guarantee a meeting at the time of an unscheduled visit. In the event that school administrators
are not able to meet with a visiting parent/guardian during an unscheduled visit, they will reach
out within 2 school days to schedule a meeting.
To ensure that all of our buildings are safe and successful learning environments, all visitors,
whether they have scheduled a visit or not, must first report to the main office to sign in, state
the reason for their visit and receive authorization from a school administrator to proceed with
the visit.
When visiting school property, parent/guardians are expected to:
● Support the policies of The School District of Philadelphia, Code of Conduct and school
● Respect the rights of others, including students and staff.
● Model appropriate behavior for your student.
● Respect all members of the school community and comply with school norms.
● Refrain from all abusive and profane language.
● Refrain from all physical confrontation and refrain from encouraging and/or inciting
physical confrontation.
● Refrain from bringing weapons of any kind onto school property. Bringing weapons of
any kind onto school property will result in an immediate exclusion.

Parent/Guardian Exclusion Letter Process
Parents/guardians who do not follow the expectations outlined above may be excluded from the
school for a minimum of 3 months. Exclusions must be in writing and must be approved by the
Assistant Superintendent.